Laika pitch from Santiago López Jover on Vimeo.

This is one of my first flash animations, in the tima that i was working in Hampa Studio. It is a comercial pitch for a new cool that the studio was trying to push up, "Laika space adventures". I did this simple animation together with talented animator Guille Seguí (we splited the work in two), and the idea was to introduce the characters, which are inspired in the historic animals taht were sent into the space in spacial missions: in our show, they and their respective spacecrafts meets in the space and try together to go back home. The initial idea was a low cost Tv show in Flash (that is the reason of the static pose and limited animation in the characters), but finally it became a high quality 3d project that is actually in development; you can check it in Hampa Studio´s site.

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