Margarita from Santiago López Jover on Vimeo.

These are some of the scenes that i developed for the beautiful shortfilm of Alex Cervantes, "Margarita", in Hampa Studio. I was also the animation director, and we spent one year to develop all the project in a reduced team of animation artists, using the traditional way: pencils and papers (the colour was added in toon boom). We worked very hard, and i think we are quite happy with the film, which also won some good prizes and even was nominated to the Goya awards.
The short is inspired in a famous Ruben Darío´s poem, that tells the story of a princess that tries to reach her dreams, catching a beautiful star in the sky.



"The Moonman", animated scenes by Santi López from Santiago López Jover on Vimeo.

These are some of the scenes that i animated for the beautiful 2D featured film "Der Mondmann", adapted from the worldwide best-seller by Tomi Ungerer. I worked with Cartoon Saloon and Schesch Filmkreation in this lovely film.



A present for Manu and Laura in their honeymoon, in New York.


Test MediaFactory from Santiago López Jover on Vimeo.

This is a simple 2D test that i did in flash for a project in Mediafactory, "Bingo".


And here other wedding card that i illustrated for another sister, María Isabel and her husband David. The head image of the blog is a part of this illustration.

POPS Animation 02

POPS Animation 01 from Santiago López Jover on Vimeo.

Another animation for Pops, the mobile devices company. It is handraw made in flash


This is the wedding card that did for my sister Esther, inspired in many animation conceptual artists.


POPS Animation 01

Pops Animation 02 from Santiago López Jover on Vimeo.

Simple animation for a mobile devices company, made in flash.


 "Bad guy"



Some time ago Walter Giampaglia, a good friend of the studio Cartoon Saloon, and super talented animation professional, launched a blog where he posted some cool theme every week, and we could do some illustration or drawing inspired on it: The idea was great and there are some beautiful illustrations there of amazing artists. I did some quick drawings for the blog when i was in Berlin working in "Moonman", a featured film.
 Was a pity that finally we left to publish there, probably because of the overwork... But anyway, stills there some cool work, check it out!