I think is better if I start my blog with my early works.
These are some drawings of my time as student in Fine Arts, for an own project about the Lord of the Rings. All of them were drawing with traditional artistic tools; pencils, brushes, watercolours...because at that time there was no photoshop. The illustrations are very amateur, but I like to see them now and remember those times, when my partners and me were drawing all the evenings in the university´s coffeeshop... were good times!

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."

Hello everybody!!

Welcome in my blog. My name is Santi López and I´m a spanish animator. I live in Valencia, a beautiful spanish city in the side of the mediterranean sea, and I work as a freelance or employed artist for animation. My specialties are stopmotion and 2d animation (and cutout), but I have developed other different tasks like storyboard, 3d animation, backgrounds, character design...
I ´ll write something about my work and my ideas in this small space, sometimes in spanish, sometimes in english, because I speak english vey bad...I´m sorry. But all your comments are very welcome in any language!
I hope you enjoy it, let´s start!!