"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."

Hello everybody!!

Welcome in my blog. My name is Santi López and I´m a spanish animator. I live in Valencia, a beautiful spanish city in the side of the mediterranean sea, and I work as a freelance or employed artist for animation. My specialties are stopmotion and 2d animation (and cutout), but I have developed other different tasks like storyboard, 3d animation, backgrounds, character design...
I ´ll write something about my work and my ideas in this small space, sometimes in spanish, sometimes in english, because I speak english vey bad...I´m sorry. But all your comments are very welcome in any language!
I hope you enjoy it, let´s start!!


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  1. Me gusta tu blog interesante trabajo, no conocia tu faceta de animador en stopmotion un abrazo.